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Laser Cutting.
We have a Quantum 1800 Laser with a capacity between .04mm and 3.5 mm material thickness. The laser control incorporates a pulse mode which allows the precision cutting of very thin material , as low as .04mm, without vaporising the job as can occur with normal lasers.
We have also developed special techniques for cutting sharp points and teeth without blowing away the sharp tip.
Programs can be written for your components or we can import DXF and other CAD files sent to us by email.

Coil Slitting.
Slitting machines with capacity from .04mm to 2.6mm. Coil weights up to 300 kilos.

Edge Dressing.
A strip edge dressing machine with capability of dressing a chamfer or full rounded edge. Capacity 10mm to 100mm wide and up to 1.6mm thick.

Strip blueing.
Strip can be blued in coil to provide a coloured oxide which can improve corrosion resistance and appearance. The strip will be polished and blued which is superior to a blue “ as rolled” finish.

Strip bevelling.
Our modern CNC strip bevelling machine has the capability of producing a sharp cutting edge or grinding to a designated land . Bevel angle range from 2 degrees to 87 degrees. Strip width from 10mm to 76 mm . Coil weights up to 250 kilos .

Length cutting.
An automatic programmable machine can cut precision lengths up to 2 metres. Other length can be cut on manual machine up to any length required.