Bright Annealed Spring Steel Strip

Spring Steel Strip

CS70 (EN42)
Typical applications: Flat springs, clutch plates, laser and water jet cutting, blanked and formed parts particularly where severe bending is required.

Equivalents: Europe/Germany 1.0605, C75 or France XC75

Comparative analysis
% Carbon Manganese Silicon Sulphur Phosphorous
CS 70 (EN42) 0.65/0.75 0.5/0.9 0.05/0.35 0.045max 0.045max
1.0605, C75 0.70/0.80 0.6/0.8 0.15/0.35 0.045max 0.045max
XC75 0.70/0.80 0.4/0.7 0.15/0.30 0.045max 0.045max